Our Boys!

Barcelona Boys – In relation to the recruitment of boys, the following must be taken into account:

  • The show lasts about 15 minutes, although it is common for the artist to stay for a while with the group (if he does not have other commitments) to have a drink, take a photo, etc …
  • We work with the best professionals in Barcelona, ​​boys and girls with great experience that not only put on stage a quality show, but they know how to interpret how far they can go.
Barcelona boys - A luxury for the view!

The best selection of boys in Barcelona!

  • Keep in mind that the strippers usually have several performances in one night, so we can not commit to an exact time for the show. Instead, we negotiate with the client a schedule within which the performance must take place (for example, between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm).
  • Strippers are not always available for various reasons: illness, vacations, professional commitments in other provinces, etc. Therefore we ask our customers to tell us in order to which of the boys they prefer (for example: 1º to Héctor, 2º Victor, 3º Ricky, etc …) so that we can send him to the one that best suits his preferences within those that are available for the date of its celebration.
  • Without any problem the boy can present where you indicate us, either a restaurant with private, a hotel or a private address.
  • You can see and download photos of the boys by clicking here.


To hire any of our services we will need:

  • Name, surname and ID
  • Exact address where the show must take place
  • Date and approximate hour

With this data we write a contract and we send you signed. If everything is in order, the agreement is definitively closed once we make the corresponding entry to the reservation, which is approximately 40%. You can make this payment in our offices or by transfer to the current account number that we indicate.

The remaining amount is delivered to the professionals at the moment the service is available.

Barcelona Boys