Barcelona Strippers – There are few services so associated with holding stag parties like striptease shows. If you look at it, if there is not a girl or a boy, the thing is practically at a friends’ dinner, and the show is certainly one of the highlights of the night.

Barcelona Strippers

Discover the best deals in town for strip shows, both male or female

Musibodas has selected for your party a dream team of boys and strippers, without a doubt the best of Barcelona. Hiring this service is easy and cheaper than you imagine, and more if you are several people sharing the expense. We send them to your home, to a restaurant, to a hotel: wherever you want to go. Ideal for your bachelor party.

To be worthy to be at your party have to meet many requirements. Here are a few:

Barcelona strippers shows for bachelor parties

Are you gonna miss it? Your brother in law deserves the best

  • They have to be like in the photos or better. As soon as we detect that this is not true, we stop offering them to our customers.
  • They must be punctual: there are few things that annoy clients more than an unjustified wait, and that sometimes even affects the staff of the place where the party is celebrated.
  • They have to have an excellent deal with the customer: we guarantee that a stripper, no matter how “good” it is, if it is a jerk it will spoil the fun. You will not believe it, but there are some out there who allow themselves the luxury of raising their voices to customers. We’ve already gone through that, but you do not have to.
  • They must have a quality wardrobe.
  • They have to be locatable at all times (in fact we ask them not to go to work without having the mobile batteries fully charged). If something strange happens, it is necessary to give a solution to the client and for this, it is necessary to communicate fluently.
  • They must have a good stereo, as it is a fundamental element for the show.
  • They have to have a car and also a GPS to be able to arrive without any problem wherever you want the show.
  • They have to overcome a high score, which they give our customers through the surveys we send them. A stripper who is not well qualified by the clients themselves has the days counted in our company.

Barcelona Strippers. You can´t miss them!

For these and some other reasons we can guarantee that any of the artists that you will see on our website will offer you a first class show and that those who are not is for something.

Ideal for bachelor parties, wedding farewells, birthdays, celebrations, pubs and discos. Our boys and girls assure you of an electrifying show. Find out!